Starting A Personal Blog

I have been thinking to start a personal blog. I want to put down what I am thinking, what I observe and my views. After procrastinating for a while, I eventuallty registered a domain name and get the blog set up. It is which I have started to write.  I hope this domain name will last for centuries, with my children and their children will continue to maintain. This will be my legacy to the world.

Watering Plants

Recently I have planted some herbs, especially for the cure of gout. It happens that I was at a friend’s home, and he showed me those herbs he had planted at his little garden. I was interested and asked for some herbs to bring back.

Now, I have a new hobby to water those herbs. It is fun to go around and water those herbs and see them growing day by day. I have not yet making use of any of these herbs, but I trust they will be useful in due time.

My Blog Statistics

I want to know how many people and how people search to get to my blogs. I thought I will have to access my control panel of my hosting server to get the data as I used to do. I did go into the awstats but my blogs are not listed. I gather I might need to contact my hosting provider. But, suddently I thought wordpress might have a plug in to provide visitors statistics. And yes, there is such a kind of plugin. I am more than happy to quickly install the plugin into all my blogs. Now I will have the facility to know how many people visiting my blogs and what are the keyword they used to reach my blogs.


There is a weakness found in most people, namely procrastination. A person of this nature tends to delay his work, and eventually become a problem to him. I do not like people to proscratinate, but unfortunately, I am also being plagued with this mental disease. Hope to change and get rid of this bad habit.

Uric Acid Gout Pain

It was during an evening when I was out of town. The pain in the palm of my feet was bad. For the whole night, I was not able to sleep. That was my first experience of gout attack.

Now, it is more than ten years, and I still have to struggle with this pain. Yesterday, I wake up with the right side of my feet in pain.  I was very upset, and after two hours I managed to take the painkiller and anti-inflammation pills. After another two over hours the pain subsided.

Head of Goliath Found?

2It’s a hoax. According to 1 Samuel 17:4, the height of Goliath “was six cubits and a span”, which is around 3 metres. In other words, his height is less than twice of the normal person. But, if you look at the picture and make a quick comparison, the skull is almost 20 times of the normal people. How is it possible that his height is a mere twice of the normal people, but his skull is 20 times?

Installing AOP Program

I have some problems to instal thie AOP program. I do not know whatis the problem. The error notice directed me to download a certain file from microsoft, but when I got it downloaded and tried to instal it, I got another error notice that it is not compatible with my system. I really get upset with the whole situation and left the work behind for a while. I hope to get back and work on it again, but if I really can not get it done, i will have to bring it to the techinician, which I hate because I will have to spent money for the service.

My Plants

Just now I spent sometime with my wife going thru the plants we have in the garden. it has been a while since we take a look at those plants. Some have obviously withered away for lack of care, however the others are flourishing well.

The reason I am taking a look at those plants is that I want to plant some herbs for medicinal use. I have heard that herbal treatments are effective in many ways and it has no side-effects if taken in moderation. I have some urid acid problems, so is looking forwad to have some herbal treatment.